QPMC Qatar Primary Materials Company

MCI’s responsibility in the project lay in the commissioning of the hole plant. We sent our preferred team of mechanical and electrical supervisor and the commissioning manager to the site to bring the plant to live.

The increase of the Terminal’s import/handling capacity will be achieved by installation of a system consisting of 4 separate conveyor lanes to transport bulk materials from the shore cranes at berths 2 and 3, via the overland conveyor system and switching station, to the stackers at the QPMC stockyard. The transport capacity for each conveyor line is designed for 4000tph (nominal rate), but should be able to handle up to 4600tph (peak loads).
Additional to this conveyor system, 2×2 truck dump hoppers were installed in the corridor area, adjacent to a the switching station, in order to receive material from trucks loaded at Berth 1 and at the Return Quay. The Return Quay is an existing barge unloading facility. 2 identical conveyor lines will transport the material from side hoppers into the switching station, for further transport to the stackers. The material handling capacity of each conveyor line is designed for 1000tph (nominal), but should be able to handle up to 1200tph (peak loads).

The stockyard is equipped with 6 identical twin boom stackers. The conveyors from berth 2 and berth 3 is able to feed any of these identical stackers at their full capacity. The hoppers will also be capable of providing feed to any of the stackers. Each stacker is designed for a stacking rate of 4000tph (nominal), but should be able to handle up to 4600tph (peak loads).
The bulk material is recovered from the stockpiles by front end loader and loaded direct to trucks. The trucks enter and exit the terminal via a weighbridge area that include 6 inbound and 6 outbound weighbridges, truck queuing areas and the associated site road network. The target annual capacity for the completed terminal from anchorage to front gate (in-loading and out-loading) of the specified bulk material is 30Mtpa.

What enormous numbers! Glad that the client gave us the trust to handle a project this size.

6 pic Shipunloader
24 km Conveyors
6 pic twin boom Stacker
6 weighbridges
2x2 truck dump hoppers
Material: Gravel

Scope of work

Ramp up and Performance testing
Quality Management and Assurance
Site Management and control