MCI's Tailored Solution for Homogenization and Sustainable Bulk Material Management

MCI, a global leader in industrial engineering and technology, proudly presents our advanced Portal Reclaimers, designed for unparalleled efficiency and homogenization in bulk material handling for the mining and industrial sectors. As part of our comprehensive range of solutions, these reclaimers are suitable for both single machine applications and integrated systems, including complete turnkey projects.

Innovative Design for Homogenization and Reliability: MCI Portal Reclaimers
Our Portal Reclaimers leverage MCI’s significant experience and are built on a proven technology platform, ensuring operational reliability. They are specifically engineered to provide enhanced homogenization of bulk materials, ensuring uniformity in material quality and composition. This is crucial for maintaining consistent product standards and efficient processing.

Key Features and Environmental Responsibility
The Portal Reclaimers showcase MCI’s commitment to sustainable and efficient design:

  • Portal Frame: Robust and stable, supporting the reclaimer’s functions.
  • Reclaiming Arm: Advanced mechanism for precise material retrieval and homogenization, driven by a hoisting mechanism.
  • Material Transfer: Options include an overhead trough (outside the portal) or a feeding table (inside the portal).
  • Rail System: Ensures smooth and comprehensive stockpile coverage.
  • Control Cabin: Equipped with sophisticated control systems for precision and efficiency.
  • Low Energy Consumption: Designed for minimal environmental impact, with low dust emission and noise control.

Our Comprehensive Solutions
MCI offers tailored solutions to meet specific needs, from design to technology integration, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and homogenization in material handling. We focus on providing low operational and maintenance costs, along with an extended product life, in our Portal Reclaimers.

Key Applications and Homogenization Benefits

  • Enhanced Material Handling: Designed for high-capacity operations with a focus on homogenization.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Low energy consumption, reduced dust emission, and noise control.
  • Operational Excellence: Robust design, low maintenance costs, and extended product life.
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Product typeFree-flowing size up to 150 mm
Handling rateUp to 8,000 tph
Single Boom lengthUp to 55 m
Twin Boom
Main Boom lengthUp to 45 m
Auxillery Boom lengthUp to 30 m
Pile hightUp to 30 m
Rail gaugeUp to 60 m
Able to pass stockpileYes

Embrace the Future with MCI Portal Reclaimers
Choosing an MCI Portal Reclaimer means partnering with a leader in innovation and sustainability. Our reclaimers are at the forefront of bulk material handling, ensuring homogenization, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

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