Mobile Beltwagon Systems in Mining: Essential for Streamlined Operations

MCI’s Mobile Beltwagon Systems are advanced the mining industry by providing efficient and reliable material transport solutions. Our Belt Wagon Systems, a crucial component in modern mining operations, offer a dynamic and efficient link between excavators and transport systems. These Mobile Beltwagon Systems are expertly designed to optimize the material handling process in mining environments, featuring a unique construction that includes a robust lower substructure and an upper superstructure.

Detailed Structure of Mobile Beltwagons

  • Substructure and Superstructure: The Mobile Beltwagon’s design includes a lower substructure for stability and mobility, and an upper superstructure that houses the operational components, making it ideal for mining applications.
  • Dual Booms in Mining Belt Wagons:
    • Receiving Boom: This essential part of the Mobile Beltwagon receives material directly from the excavator.
    • Discharge Boom: It plays a key role in transferring material onto transport systems or into the dumping process in mining operations.
  • Crawler Chassis: The Belt Wagon’s crawler chassis provides the necessary mobility and robustness for diverse mining environments.

Customized Belt Wagon Solutions for Mining At MCI, we specialize in tailoring Mobile Beltwagon Systems to meet the specific needs of diverse mining operations. Our Belt Wagons are designed for peak efficiency, reliability, and adaptability in mining, ensuring seamless integration into your process.

Advantages of MCI Belt Wagon Systems

  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Our Belt Wagons in mining significantly reduce downtime and operational costs by enabling a direct and efficient material transfer.
  • Flexibility in Material Handling: Our Mobile Beltwagon adapts to various mining scenarios and materials, allowing for versatile operations in the mining sector.
  • Customized Solutions: We understand each mining operation’s unique challenges and offer tailored Belt Wagon solutions for optimal performance.
  • Robust and Reliable Design: Our Belt Wagons combine a sturdy substructure, functional booms, and a reliable crawler chassis for long-term durability in mining.

Technical data of belt wagon systems

Product typeFree-flowing or sticky
Lump size up to 250 mm
Handling rateUp to 15,000 (20,000) tph
Single Type Boom lengthUp to 50 m
Twin Type
Stacking Boom lengthUp to 30 m
Receiving Boom lengthUp to 40 m
Receiving vs. Discharge <14 m vs. -4 m to +15 m
Slew range180°


By offering an optimized, reliable, and adaptable Belt Wagon solution, these systems enhance the productivity and cost-effectiveness of mining projects. Investing in our Belt Wagon solutions is a strategic move to improve your mining operation’s material handling capabilities.


Mobile Beltwagon Systems
Main Components:
Substructure, superstructure, receiving boom, discharge boom, crawler chassis
Efficient linkage between excavators and transport systems in mining
Belt Wagon solutions tailored to specific mining operations
Increased efficiency, adaptability, reliability, and reduced operational costs in mining

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