Drum Reclaimers: MCI's Solution for Efficient Bulk Material Handling in Mining and Industrial Sectors

As MCI, a global leader in industrial engineering and technology, we are proud to present our state-of-the-art Drum Reclaimers, meticulously designed for superior efficiency in material handling within the mining and bulk material sectors. These machines embody MCI’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and engineering excellence.

The Technology Behind Success: MCI Drum Reclaimers

Our Drum Reclaimers are essential in the efficient handling and management of bulk materials in various industrial applications. They are engineered to handle large volumes of diverse materials, such as coal, iron ore, aggregates, and more. MCI’s Drum Reclaimers are tailored to meet specific operational requirements, with designs that accommodate different stockpile sizes, material types, and environmental conditions. A key feature of these reclaimers is their advanced blending technology. The blending effect is achieved through the unique design of the spiral blades on the drum, which mix materials from different layers of the stockpile. This ensures homogeneity of the reclaimed material, a critical aspect in maintaining consistent quality in downstream processes. By providing a uniform blend, our Drum Reclaimers significantly enhance the quality and value of the bulk material, making them ideal for applications where material consistency is paramount.

Inside the Powerhouse: Exploring MCI’s Drum Reclaimers

Each Drum Reclaimer features key components that underscore MCI’s engineering expertise:

  • Drum: The centerpiece, equipped with robust spiral blades for effective material retrieval and exceptional blending capabilities.
  • Bridge: A structural component that spans the stockpile, supporting the drum and allowing the reclaimer to cover the stockpile’s entire length.
  • Trolley and Rail System: Enables smooth movement along the bridge, ensuring comprehensive stockpile coverage.
  • Control Cabin: Houses advanced control systems and an operator station for precision and efficiency in operation.


Our Offering

MCI provides comprehensive solutions for Drum Reclaimers, leveraging our deep expertise in design, fabrication, and technology. From initial concept to implementation and maintenance, we ensure each Drum Reclaimer meets our high standards of efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. Our commitment to innovation is evident in every aspect of our Drum Reclaimers, from material selection to state-of-the-art control systems.

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Key Applications and Benefits

  • Superior Material Handling: Designed for high-capacity operations, our Drum Reclaimers handle bulk materials efficiently and effectively.
  • Consistent Material Quality: Ensures uniform blending and homogenization of materials, critical for maintaining product quality.
  • Versatile Material Adaptability: Capable of handling various bulk materials, our Drum Reclaimers are customizable to specific operational needs.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Incorporating features to minimize dust, noise, and overall environmental impact, aligning with MCI’s commitment to sustainable practices.

Join the Revolution with MCI Drum Reclaimers

MCI’s Drum Reclaimers are at the forefront of efficient bulk material handling, reflecting our legacy of engineering innovation and our commitment to providing sustainable, high-quality solutions. Investing in a MCI Drum Reclaimer is not just a choice for superior material handling; it’s a partnership with a global leader dedicated to advancing the future of mining and industrial operations.


MCI Drum Reclaimers
Key Applications:
Bulk material handling in mining, power plants, and port facilities
Advanced drum with blending technology, structural bridge, trolley and rail system, sophisticated control cabin
Our Service:
Customized engineering, cutting-edge fabrication, and comprehensive service solutions
High efficiency, environmental responsibility, operational excellence, and superior blending capabilities

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