Bulk Material Belt Conveyors Systems in Mining

At MCI Group, we are recognized as a comprehensive material handling systems provider, specializing in the design and installation of belt conveyors for the mining industry. Our conveyors, adept in integrating with complex systems like bucket-wheel or bucket-chain excavators, crushing plants, and In-Pit Crushing & Conveying (IPCC) solutions, are essential in efficient material handling.

Customized Design Approach

Understanding that each mining site has unique demands, we customize our conveyor systems to suit individual project requirements. Leveraging our century-long experience in bulk material handling, we design solutions that are not only efficient and safe but also minimize environmental impact and total cost of ownership.

Conveyor System Components

  1. Power Station: The driving force of the conveyor, ensuring efficient movement of materials.
  2. Return Station: Where the conveyor loop is completed, enabling continuous operation.
  3. Conveyor Frames: Structural elements that support and stabilize the conveyor belt.
  4. Idler Rollers: Facilitate smooth belt movement and support material weight.
  5. Drive Pulleys: Provide the necessary torque to move the conveyor belt loaded with material.
  6. Tail Pulleys: Positioned at the tail end, aiding belt tension and alignment.
  7. Belt Scrapers: Essential for belt cleaning, ensuring material does not stick to the belt.
  8. Skirting Systems: Prevent spillage and maintain material flow.
  9. Load Cells: For monitoring and controlling material flow rate.

Our Expertise in Conveyor Technology

Overland Conveyors

Our Overland Conveyors are specifically engineered to navigate through challenging terrains over long distances. They serve as the backbone of bulk material transport, forming an efficient link between extraction sites and processing plants. By tailoring these conveyors to the specific properties of the materials they transport, we ensure optimized operational efficiency and a minimized environmental footprint.

Pipe Conveyors

Our Pipe Conveyors offer an ideal solution for sensitive materials that require protection from environmental elements. These enclosed systems are especially suitable for transporting granulates or raw materials, providing enhanced safety and ensuring environmental compliance.

Shiftable Conveyors

Replacing our Mobile Conveyors are our Shiftable Conveyors, which offer unparalleled flexibility in mining operations. Designed to efficiently adapt to changing needs and environments, they improve operational efficiency while simultaneously reducing production costs.

Ramp/Incline Conveyors

Our Ramp/Incline Conveyors are specially designed for the inclined transport of materials, effectively navigating the diverse topography of mining landscapes. Capable of handling various gradients and material types, they ensure a continuous material flow in even the most challenging conditions.

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Conveying Range:
Up to 20 km in a single flight.
From 100 t/h to 50,000 t/h.
Compatible with bucket-wheel/bucket-chain excavators, crushing plants, IPCC solutions.
Mining, in-plant, stockyard, port logistics.
Tailored to specific site requirements.
Over 100 years in bulk material handling.

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