Bulk Material Handling

MCI provides premium high-capacity Bulk Handling Equipment, tailored for efficient operations in Ports and Stockyards. Our extensive lineup features Stackers, Bucket Wheel Reclaimers, Shiploaders & Unloaders, Drum- & Portal Reclaimers, Mobile Hoppers, and Conveyors. Designed to optimize the management of bulk materials, our solutions prioritize seamless throughput and robust performance.

Continuous Mining Systems

MCI leads in Continuous Mining Systems, offering state-of-the-art equipment including Bucket Wheel Excavators, Mobile Beltwagon and Spreader Systems, Apron Feeders, Conveyor Systems, and Mobile Conveyor Bridge Systems. Our portfolio sets industry standards for quality and productivity ensuring reliable operation in the most demanding mining environments.

Advanced Turnkey Solutions for the following areas:

  • Openpit Mining
  • Stockyard and Material Handling
  • Port Handling & Terminals
  • Fertilizers
  • Cement Industry
  • Power Plants
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Open Pit Mining Technology

MCI is leading in open pit mining equipment with premium technology solutions, offering comprehensive, customized systems from planning to execution and material transport, distinguished by quality, performance, and innovation.

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Bulk Material Handling

MCI elevates efficiency in bulk material handling, providing complete turnkey systems that enhance performance, cost efficiency, and productivity across various industrial sectors from stockyard to port, through precision-engineered systems.

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Expert technical field services, ensuring your mining and material handling systems are enhanced with the latest technological upgrades, repairs and maintenance. We keep you ahead in a future-oriented industry. Choose MCI for solutions that resonate with both your immediate needs and your long-term aspirations.

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The MCI PRO offers supply and a comprehensive refurbishment service for used mining and material handling equipment, providing cost-effective, sustainable solutions with a commitment to quality and delivery time.

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Frequently asked Questions

How Does MCI Stand Out in Customizing Solutions for Mining and Bulk Material Handling?
Our unique selling points include personalized service and adaptability to each client's needs. Our family-run business foundation is consistency and direct personal experience in solution design. We offer quality assurance and the unique flexibility to provide pre-owned solutions when budget and installation timelines require, distinguishing us from competitors.
What Ensures the Durability and Quality of MCI's Equipment?
Durability and quality are our solution cornerstones. We use only high-quality components and the latest technology, adhering to strict quality control processes to ensure our equipment withstands the test of time. Significant investments in quality and durability are made possible through our reliance on skilled manufacturing facilities and efficient design.
How Does MCI Manage Large and Complex Customer Projects?
Understanding that stability and reliability are key for our clients, MCI combines specialized provider agility with the strength and resources to ensure large project delivery. Our solid financial structure supports future growth and long-term partnerships, complemented by a global collaboration platform for resource mobilization and knowledge sharing.
MCI's Contribution to Sustainability and Environmental Protection in Mining?
Sustainability is integral to our project planning and execution. We commit to eco-friendly practices, helping clients improve their carbon footprint and resource efficiency. Specializing in used and fully refurbished mining and material handling equipment not only offers cost savings but also conserves the environment by reducing new resource needs.
Ensuring MCI Equipment Meets Current Standards and Requirements?
We commit to continuous education and innovation to stay abreast of technological advancements. Our equipment is designed according to the latest industry standards and best practices, ensuring optimal performance and compliance. Our motto, 'Never Settle', drives us to be industry leaders in all work aspects.
What Guarantees Does MCI Offer for Equipment Quality and Reliability?
We back our work with comprehensive warranties and dedicated customer service. Our equipment designs prioritize durability and minimal maintenance, ensuring reliable performance. Rather than minimizing construction costs, we reinvest saved operating expenses into our equipment's quality, further securing quality and reliability through back-to-back manufacturing guarantees.
MCI's Response Time for Existing Equipment Service Requests?
Fast! Our dedicated service team is primed for quick response times. With multiple locations and a network of trained and authorized distributors worldwide, we ensure efficient and swift service to meet your needs, regardless of your equipment's location.
Can MCI Offer Custom Maintenance Contracts?
Yes, we develop customized maintenance contracts tailored to your specific operational needs. Aiming for optimal uptime and performance, we offer preventive maintenance strategies designed to minimize downtime and maximize your equipment's lifespan.
Does MCI Provide Technical Support Beyond the Warranty Period?
Our commitment to your satisfaction extends beyond the warranty period. We offer ongoing technical support and consultancy to ensure your equipment continues to operate efficiently. Recognizing the importance of sustained support, we strive to back our clients with continuous service and expertise.