In-Pit Crushing and Conveying (IPCC)

Continuous Performance For Continuous Needs
MCI stands as a leading high-technology engineering group specializing in the development of advanced In-Pit Crushing and Conveying (IPCC) Systems. IPCC represents the forefront of innovation in utilizing fully mobile, semi-mobile, or fixed in-pit crushers combined with conveyors and spreaders (for waste) or stackers (for ore) to efficiently handle material within an open-pit mine. Tailored to specific project needs, this approach can significantly reduce or even eliminate the need for traditional truck haulage in and out of the mine site, thus enhancing operational efficiency. Originating in the 1970s, the true potential of IPCC’s adaptability and efficiency is now being realized, offering substantial and tangible benefits.

IPCC: A Solution for Contemporary Challenges

  • Elevated mineral prices are making the case for developing larger and deeper mines, necessitating increased waste and material handling.
  • The surge in oil prices is prompting a shift towards more cost-effective electric power.
  • Challenges in sourcing large truck tires persist.
  • Carbon emissions are poised to drive up mining costs and impact the environment, underscoring the importance of sustainable mining practices. IPCC contributes to reducing the CO2 footprint by minimizing truck haulage.
  • Implementing IPCC can enhance safety by reducing the number of vehicles in operation, thus contributing to a safer mining environment.
  • Rapid escalations in mining costs are currently observed.
  • A significant boost in mine production efficiency is achievable through the integration of automated processes, leveraging digital technology for real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance.
  • Reduced logistics and handling of fuel, oil, and parts translate to cost savings, further emphasizing the economic benefits of switching to electric-powered systems.

Is IPCC a Fit for Your Operation?

Consider IPCC if you identify with any of the following:

  • Your mine has a long operational life (over 10 years).
  • Your operation involves uphill hauls or extensive distances.
  • You are moving large and consistent volumes of material.
  • The cost of electricity is significantly lower than diesel (electricity price <$0.40/kWh of diesel price per liter).
  • You deal with no more than three types of material.
  • Your mine design allows for wide cutbacks (>150m/164 yards).
  • You face challenges with manpower.
  • Reducing carbon and dust emissions is a priority, aligning with global sustainability goals.
  • You are aiming for lower operational costs, with a focus on operational efficiencies and energy savings.
IPCC CRUSHING OPTIONSFully MobileSemi MobileFixed
THROUGHPUT<10.000 t/h<12.000 t/h<12.000 t/h
TRUCK QUANTITYNoneLowIntermediate
UNIT CRUSHING COSTSHigherIntermediateLow
IPCC CONVEYING OPTIONSDedicated RampConveyor TunnelConveyor on Haul Road
CAPITAL COSTSIntermediateHighestLowest

Maximizing Productivity with IPCC Flexibility

Long-term investment in mining requires careful planning over years or decades. Despite the higher upfront capital costs, a well-implemented IPCC system promises rapid ROI through operational efficiencies, enhancing profitability early in the mine lifecycle. The specific conditions of your mine will determine the most suitable IPCC application, often resulting in operational costs that are lower than traditional truck and shovel methods. MCI is committed to collaborating closely with you to identify the optimal solution, whether it be semi-mobile or fully mobile systems, considering factors such as fuel prices, mined materials, mine size, and workforce. A comprehensive analysis throughout the mine’s lifespan is crucial to optimize the Net Present Value. A meticulously designed IPCC system by MCI minimizes the impact of unforeseen challenges, ensuring predictable operations. MCI’s advanced process for evaluating your needs and goals aims to maximize your returns, potentially offering up to 40% savings in operating costs.


Global Network and Local Support

MCI boasts a global presence, offering unparalleled local support and expertise to ensure the successful implementation and operation of IPCC solutions. Our dedicated teams around the world work closely with clients to provide tailored support, from the initial feasibility studies to post-installation services. This localized approach ensures that each project benefits from MCI’s comprehensive understanding of regional challenges, regulations, and opportunities, providing a seamless integration of IPCC systems into diverse mining operations.

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Why Choose MCI for Your IPCC Solutions?

Result-Oriented Expertise


MCI offers a comprehensive selection of IPCC equipment, from fully mobile crushers capable of handling up to 5000t/h, semi-mobile crushers, and sizers up to 10,000t/h, primary gyratory crushers up to 11,000t/h, to conveyors, spreaders, and related infrastructure capable of handling up to 22,000t/h.


MCI boasts a specialized technical engineering team dedicated to evaluating the feasibility of IPCC for your operation or project. Our support encompasses everything from initial “proof of concept” studies to evaluations of existing mines, with engineering and design assistance for calculating both capital and operating costs across all components of IPCC. MCI also excels in retrofitting IPCC systems into existing truck/shovel mine designs.


Whether you’re expanding your current operation or starting anew, MCI provides comprehensive support every step of the way, including assembly, commissioning, warranty services, and necessary training for the IPCC system.


MCI offers an extensive range of aftermarket support services for our IPCC systems, including:

  • Parts supply
  • Relocation assistance and training
  • Mine engineering training to optimize mine design for IPCC, ensuring that our solutions are not just efficient, but also sustainable and adaptable to future challenges and innovations in mining technology.

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