Drive Progress with High-Quality Mining Systems

At MCI, we redefine efficiency in open pit mining with our premium technology solutions. Our commitment mirrors, MCI's dedication to excellence — delivering unparalleled performance, cost efficiency, and productivity enhancements across diverse mining landscapes. Specializing in comprehensive, high-quality turnkey solutions, MCI optimizes every stage of mining operations, from planning to execution, with precision-engineered services and equipment that seamlessly blend into your operations.

Turnkey Solutions: Engineering Excellence in Mining

Precision Crafted Continuous Mining Systems: Specializing in continuous mining, MCI introduces a lineup of precision-engineered equipment, including advanced bucket wheel excavators, belt wagons, tripper cars, and spreaders. These systems are designed for efficient extraction, loading, and transportation of materials, working seamlessly to enhance productivity. Our solutions, designed for maximum efficiency, underscore our commitment to quality in every detail, enhancing productivity with seamless operation coordination tailored to meet specific operational demands.

Custom Solutions for Unique Challenge

Tailor Made Solutions: Each mining operation is a testament to innovation, requiring unique solutions to overcome its specific challenges. MCI leverages extensive experience to design and implement tailor-made, high-quality mining systems that adapt to varying volumes, geological conditions, operational challenges and ensuring optimal performance in the demanding environment of open pit mining.

Leading Innovations in Equipment Engineering

Our bucket wheel excavators, a symbol of mining power and innovation, feature state-of-the-art milling bucket wheel technology. Capable of tackling rock with compressive strengths up to 50 MPa under favourable conditions, our range is designed for versatility, offering various capacities and sizes for different operational conditions, emphasizing our commitment to quality and innovation.

Advanced Conveying Solutions

Efficient Material Transport Systems: At the heart of MCI’s turnkey solutions are our in-pit conveyor systems, engineered for top-tier efficiency and reliability. Designed to transport excavated material efficiently, our conveying solutions include stationary, relocatable, or shiftable systems, featuring high-incline and curved conveyor options for dynamic and dependable material transport.

Comprehensive Mining Solutions

Mining, Conveying, Spreading, and Dumping: Our portfolio covers all aspects of open pit mining, offering complete turnkey solutions from bucket wheel excavator systems to mobile and semi-mobile crushing plants. Our conveyors, designed for maximum reliability, include overland, curved, and Pipe Conveyor systems, among others. 

Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainable Crushing and IPCC Systems: Our range of crushing plants and IPCC systems reflects our commitment to sustainability and efficiency, offering solutions to reduce overburden, rock, coal, and other minerals efficiently. Our systems are designed to handle even the most abrasive materials, contributing to reduced CO2 emissions and efficient raw material processing.

The Benchmark of Excellence in Open Pit Mining:

Your Partner in Mining Excellence: In conclusion, MCI stands as the epitome of excellence in open pit mining technology, offering turnkey solutions that encompass the full spectrum of mining operations. Our unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability makes us the preferred partner for mining companies worldwide, aiming to enhance operational efficiency and achieve production objectives with high-quality, premium products.

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Bucket Wheel Excavator

As a global Mining & Material Handling Equipment OEM, MCI is at the forefront of offering state-of-the-art Bucket Wheel Excavators (BWEs) for the mining industry.

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IPCC In-Pit-Crushing and Conveying Systems

MCI stands as a leading high-technology engineering group specializing in the development of advanced In-Pit Crushing and Conveying (IPCC) Systems. IPCC represents the forefront of innovation in utilizing fully mobile, semi-mobile, or fixed in-pit crushers combined with conveyors and spreaders (for waste) or stackers (for ore) to efficiently handle material within an open-pit mine.

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Mobile Spreader Systems

In the dynamic field of mining, MCI Mining recognizes the importance of integrating efficient and advanced equipment. Mobile spreader systems have become pivotal in revolutionizing bulk material handling in mining operations. These systems are not only essential for streamlining operations but also play a crucial role in ensuring environmental compliance and operational safety.

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Mobile Beltwagon Systems

MCI's Mobile Beltwagon Systems are advanced the mining industry by providing efficient and reliable material transport solutions. Our Belt Wagon Systems, a crucial component in modern mining operations, offer a dynamic and efficient link between excavators and transport systems. These Mobile Beltwagon Systems are expertly designed to optimize the material handling process in mining environments, featuring a unique construction that includes a robust lower substructure and an upper superstructure.

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Bulk Conveyor & Mass Distribution Systems

At MCI Group, we are recognized as a comprehensive material handling systems provider, specializing in the design and installation of belt conveyors for the mining industry. Our conveyors, adept in integrating with complex systems like bucket-wheel or bucket-chain excavators, crushing plants, and In-Pit Crushing & Conveying (IPCC) solutions, are essential in efficient material handling.

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Mobile Conveyor Bridge Systems

MCI's Mobile Conveyor Bridges stand out as dynamic links between various mining machines and bench conveyors, significantly enhancing the operational range and capabilities of mining enterprises.

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Apron Feeder

Discover the unparalleled performance and reliability of Apron Feeders, a key component in mining and industrial applications. These heavy-duty systems, designed with high-strength and productivity in mind, are transforming the way materials are handled under the most challenging conditions.

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