Bucket Wheel Reclaimers and Stacker-Reclaimers

Pioneers in Efficient Material Handling

At the forefront of mining excellence, we stand as a premier supplier specializing in used and meticulously refurbished Bucket Wheel Reclaimers and Stacker-Reclaimers. These sophisticated machines are not just crucial components in efficient mining and material handling operations but also a testament to engineering prowess in the mining sector.

Understanding Bucket Wheel Reclaimers and Stacker-Reclaimers Bucket Wheel Reclaimers and combined Bucket Wheel Stacker-Reclaimers are essential for efficient handling and movement of bulk materials in mining and industrial applications. These machines are adept at handling huge volumes of materials such as coal, ores, and other bulk commodities in ports, power plants, stockyards, or steel plants.

Our Offering:

We provide comprehensive services in delivering and building new Bucket Wheel Reclaimers and Stacker-Reclaimers. Our expertise extends to customizing these machines to meet the specific requirements of your operations. From design and fabrication to implementation and maintenance, we ensure that each machine is a paragon of efficiency and reliability.

Types of Reclaimers and Stacker-Reclaimers in Our Offer:

1. Bucket Wheel Reclaimers: Our boom bucket wheel reclaimers are machines designed to reclaim stockpiles on bothsides of their rail track (parallel stockyard layout). The material is reclaimed from the stockpile into buckets as the bucket wheel rotates. Switching between stockpiles arranged in line (longitudinal stockyard layout) is also possible through luffing or slewing of the boom and subsequent long traveling. In combination with a separate stacker, this type of machine provides the highest flexibility for stockyard management operations, as well as enabling simultaneous stacking and reclaiming operations.




2. Combined Bucket Wheel Stacker-Reclaimers: Our boom bucket wheel stacker-reclaimers combine the functions of a boom bucket wheel reclaimer and a stacker in a single machine. Thanks t

o a tripper car and reversible boom belt conveyor, this type of machine can also stack the incoming material into stockpiles. This functional integration means that boom bucket wheel stacker-reclaimers are a solution characterized by relatively low investment costs. Our combined bucket wheel stacker-reclaimers are available with a rigid, fold-down, retractable, shiftable or counter-directional tripper car.

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Technical data of Bucket Wheel Stacker Reclaimers

Product typeFree-flowing or sticky
Lump size up to 250 mm
Handling rateUp to 15,000 tph Stacking
Up to 10,000 tph Reclaiming
Boom lengthUp to 60 m
Bucket wheel diameterUp to 12 m
Rail gaugeUp to 15 m
Able to pass stockpileYes

Key Applications and Benefits

  1. Efficient Bulk Material Handling: These machines excel in handling large volumes of material, making them indispensable in large-scale operations.
  2. Versatility in Mining and Industrial Sectors: Adaptable to various conditions and capable of handling different types of bulk materials.
  3. Cost-Effectiveness: Our refurbished models offer a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality or efficiency.

Environmental and Safety Considerations: Equipped with precautionary equipment and systems to minimize noise, dust emissions, and environmental impact.


Bucket Wheel Reclaimers and Stacker-Reclaimers are pivotal in the realm of efficient mining and bulk material handling. Their robust design, coupled with our commitment to supplying top-notch models, positions us as a key player in supporting the mining industry’s evolving needs. Investing in our machines is a strategic step towards enhancing operational efficiency and environmental stewardship in mining and industrial operations.


Bucket Wheel Reclaimers and Stacker-Reclaimers
Key Applications:
Handling and moving bulk materials in mining and industrial sectors
Bucket wheel, boom, crawler chassis, tripper car, and conveyor systems
Our Service:
Customized design, fabrication, and implementation of high-tech machines
High efficiency, environmental sustainability, operational versatility

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