Bucket Wheel Excavator Togo

In 2023, MCI marked a significant achievement in the open pit mining industry by delivering a state-of-the-art Bucket Wheel Excavator, a key piece of material handling equipment, to our client in Togo. This project, which demonstrated our expertise in designing and engineering specialized machinery, underscored our dedication to advancing open pit mining solutions.

Our team of experts excelled in the initial design and engineering phase, focusing on creating a Bucket Wheel Excavator that seamlessly integrates into the open pit mining operations. The machine was tailored to meet the client’s specific requirements for handling gravel and sand, two common materials in open pit mining scenarios.

Careful management of the procurement process ensured that only the finest materials and components were used, showcasing our commitment to delivering durable and efficient material handling equipment. Our approach to manufacturing emphasized quality control, vital for equipment that operates in the demanding conditions of open pit mining.

Effective project management was key in coordinating all stages of the project, from design to delivery. The transportation and erection of this essential material handling equipment were conducted with precision, a testament to our logistical expertise in the open pit mining sector.

Following the installation, our team performed meticulous commissioning and comprehensive ramp-up and performance testing. This ensured that the Bucket Wheel Excavator operated at peak efficiency, a crucial factor in productive open pit mining operations.

Training the operators was an integral part of our service, equipping them with the skills to manage this advanced material handling equipment effectively in an open pit mining environment. The provision of an initial set of spare parts aimed to minimize downtime and maintain continuous operation, vital for the efficiency of open pit mining.

The client’s high satisfaction with the performance of the Bucket Wheel Excavator and our ongoing support highlights MCI’s role as a leading provider of material handling equipment in the open pit mining industry. Our bespoke solution, which blends innovative technology with robust construction, not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations, further solidifying our position as a key player in the open pit mining sector.

1 pcs Bucket Wheel Excavator
Material: Phosphate

Scope of work

Delivery and transport
Ramp up and Performance testing
Training of Operators
Design and engineering
Quality Control
Project Management
Provision of Initial Set of Spare Parts
After-Sales Service and Support