Spare & Wear Parts Support in OEM Quality

At MCI, we are experts in providing essential spare and wear parts for your plant, ensuring consistent support throughout its entire operational lifespan. Timely and high-quality delivery of these components is crucial, as they play a pivotal role in maintaining the continuous availability of your plant.

Your One-Stop Parts Supplier

  • Conveyor Belts and Essential Components
  • Hydraulic Systems and Components
  • Control Systems and Automation Components
  • Motors and Generators
  • Bearings and Bushings
  • Gearboxes, Sprockets, and Chains
  • Filters and Seals
  • Electrical Components & Systems
  • Components for Crushing and Grinding Machinery
  • Safety Equipment
  • Lubrication Systems and Components
  • Wear Parts


OEM-Quality Spare and Wear Parts for Your Plant and Crushers

Our expertise lies in providing OEM-quality spare and wear parts for your plant, ensuring optimal performance throughout its entire lifecycle. Timely and quality provision of these parts is crucial for maintaining your plant’s availability.

Streamlined Acquisition of Premium Spare Parts

We deliver all necessary spare parts and components for your plant, adhering to OEM standards. You can expect cutting-edge technology and assured functionality with every component we supply. Moreover, we propose attractive framework agreements for the acquisition of spare and wear parts.

Customized Spare Parts to Boost Your Plant’s Efficiency

As seasoned OEM suppliers, we offer bespoke spare parts solutions that align with your specific quality and performance needs. Our services include not only the design and production of custom spare parts but also ongoing innovation and improvement of these components to enhance your plant’s availability.

Comprehensive Solutions for Third-Party Plants

Additionally, we extend our services to include spare and wear parts for plants constructed and installed by other providers.

Tailored Solutions for Wear Parts

Our dedicated team of service experts specializes in creating wear part solutions tailored to the unique demands of your plants and machinery. Focusing on innovative approaches to minimize downtime and enhance plant efficiency, our team conducts thorough assessments of your production processes. From this analysis, we develop effective wear part solutions specifically suited to your application, grounded in our extensive OEM knowledge and expertise in materials engineering.

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