Project nr 64


Middle East

Scope of work

Feasibility Study
Checking the stock of machinery
Overhaul and repair of all mechanical, electrical and hydraulic components.
Modernisation of machinery
Automation and Software optimisation
Delivery and transport
Ramp up and Performance testing
Training of Operators
Spare and Ware Part Service
Operation and maintenance of two mining plants
Mining engineering for two mining plants


2018-2020 ongoing


  • 2 Belt Wagons
  • 2 Bucket Wheel Excavators
  • 10km Conveyor
  • 1 Spreader
  • Material: gravel, sand

MCI had a Mining Project and delivered two completely overhauled and modernised heavy mining plants from the excavation side over 10km conveying to the dumping side. No one else dared to overhaul and run a whole used plant of this size up to this point due to its complexity. MCI delivered, assembled and commissioned two of them at once! This is WORLD RECORD!  To achieve our goal and satisfy our customer, huge cultural, logistical and technical obstacles needed to be overcome. This included amongst other things a sea transport from an island and the capacity upgrade to adapt one spreader for two bucket wheel excavators. Due to our great staff we could manage to run a line within 6 Months.

The machines are used to establish a completely new mine, means everything was raised from scratch by MCI. Beside the equipment supply, we are also responsible for all the mining enigeering, consulting and planning. This included also the whole electrical planning for the mine. MCI is now operating, servicing and controlling two full mining plants.

Everything from a single source!