Project nr 9


Europe Italy

Scope of work

Check the stock of machinery
Equipment Maintenance and Inspection
Overhaul and repair Supervision
Spare Part Service




2 pcs. Bucket Wheel Excavator

Material: Coal

MCI dismantled and overhauled two Krupp BWE for a client in Italy. After a completed technical inspection and the no-load test, we started with the dismantling in the middle of the Coal Mine in St. Barbara Italy. We overhauled the whole hydraulic and electric system, including the change of all instruments, vales, pumps and programmed and installed a new operating software on the machine. The critical hydraulic system also got a technical upgrade by installing a new hydraulic oil cooling system. The most challenging part of this job was the transportation from the upper part with the slewing Systems from the mine to the port. Due to the huge dimensions of 6.3m wide, 18.72m length 4.2m hight with a total weight of 90 tons, we faced logistical challenges and received a lot of credit for that.

Job like this give us the opportunity to grow and with a satisfied client in the end we achieved our goal in every aspect.