Belt Wagons

We are a supplier of used and refurbished heavy mining machinery such as beltwagons in open-pit mining.

A belt wagon is an important link in the mining process between the excavator and the transport system as well as in the dumping process. The purpose of the machine is to increase the working area, thereby reducing operating costs and minimising scheduled downtime. This includes the backing width of the conveyor belt system and the removal height of the bucket wheel excavator.  Among other things, there are also belt wagons versions which enable the overburden to be directly dumped.

The belt wagon is a continuously conveying and mobile means of transport, i.e. a belt conveyor with its own crawler chassis. It consists of the substructure and superstructure. The connection between the two is usually made via a lift-off-safe slewing ring.

Our range of used and reconditioned machines enables us to keep delivery times to a minimum until implementation on site.

You can find more information on how an overhaul of a mining beltwagon is carried out by us under refurbishment of heavy mining equipment.

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