We are a supplier of used and refurbished heavy mining machinery, including stackers in open pit mine stocks.

A stacker is the last device in the chain of continuous mining and we use it to store bulk material in stockpiles in a controlled manner. It is connected to the infeed conveyor belt via a tripper car. In contrast to conventional mobile spreaders, the stacker is mounted on rails and is also mostly used for intermediate storage of coal, for example in ports.

This type of material handling equipment consists of a rotating superstructure with discharge boom and a feeding boom which is connected to the tripper car. As already mentioned, the undercarriage is designed on rails and allows only a straight forward and backward movement.

By our offer of used and refurbished machines we can keep delivery times to the implementation at the place of use low.

You can find more information about how a stacker overhaul is carried out by us under refurbishment of heavy mining equipment.

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- Purchase of heavy equipment such as bucket wheel excavators, belt weighers, spreaders, ship loaders and ship unloaders and conveyor belt systems

Here is an extract of the machines for sale and refurbishment.