We are a supplier of used and refurbished heavy mining equipment such as, among other things, reclaimers in open pit mine or port stock piles.

A reclaimer or stockpile reclaimer is similar in design to a bucket wheel excavator, but is used to pick up bulk material stored in stockpiles for further transport on conveyor belts. In addition to the pure material intake, the devices often also have the task of mixing and homogenizing the stored material. In many cases, the devices have an additional stacker function, which they can partly perform simultaneously with the reloading.

This type of stockpile equipment consists of the following components: The bucket wheel with the buckets is attached to the wheel boom with the main gear. This is mounted on the C-frame of the superstructure so that it can be swivelled vertically. The transfer boom cannot be swivelled, but runs parallel above the transport conveyor belt. The entire substructure is therefore not rotatable, only the superstructure can be swivelled horizontally and vertically. Like the stockpile dumping device, a reloading device is designed on rails.

By our offer of used and overhauled machines we can keep delivery times to the implementation at the place of use low.

For more information on how we overhaul reclaimers, please see Refurbishment of heavy mining equipment.

- Sale of used and reconditioned mining and material handling equipment

- Sale of various spare parts and individual components

- Special orders and production of mining and industrial machinery and equipment

- Purchase of heavy equipment such as bucket wheel excavators, belt weighers, spreaders, ship loaders and ship unloaders as well as conveyor belt systems

Here is an extract of the machines for sale and refurbishment.