In cooperation with our partner, we offer the complete software automation of all mining, industrial and port facilities in the leading standards such as Siemens, Rockwell and B&R.

We provide the automated solution to increase performance and efficiency, optimize maintenance and service work, and reduce operating costs.

Further benefits are improved safety, better fuel efficiency, increased productivity, reduced unscheduled maintenance, improved working conditions, better vehicle utilization, and reduced driver fatigue and attrition.

Functionalities are translated into machine terminology, the user interface is optimized and factory acceptance tests are performed.

  • Automated complete control system for mining machines, industrial and port facilities
  • Fault detection and analysis in operation and service
  • Autonomous monitoring of the operating status
  • Teleoperation / Remote control and monitoring of all parameters
  • Optimised and user-friendly user interfaces
  • Start-up of controls and signal tests
  • Many more