Our original line of business of mass movement in mining, road construction and earthworks up to industrial demolition is still a part of our portfolio today.

MCI is one of the few companies capable of providing a one-stop shop for the professional operation of mining and port facilities.

This includes professional site trainings and class room sessions for machine operators of various heavy mining equipment.

Equipment and Plant Operation

MCI has machine operators and maintenance personnel around the world working to handle peak coverage in mining operations. We operate and maintain single machines up to complete plants from one source.

MCI staff are also in demand in operational management due to our problem-solving and practical approach.

  • Operational Management of mining Plants
  • Operation of single heavy mining machines up to complete plants
  • Mining and sequence planning from excavation to dumping

Training of Operators

To optimize performance efficiency and no-load movements, well-trained machine operators are required. MCI's qualified operator trainers provide theoretical and practical training for personnel on site.

Only competent personnel can achieve the necessary performance in operation and intercept errors early enough

  • In-depth theoretical and practical training sessions with various necessary documents
  • Maintenance training for machines on site
  • Training for the operation of heavy equipment
  • Process optimization in the work flow

Mass-Earth Movement

We are the contact for mass earth movements in various fields.


  • Road construction
  • Quarrying works
  • Mass earth movement
  • Tunnelling
  • Open pit mining