21 km/h

driving speed


3.3 times

higher performance than conventional bulldozers of Cat D8 size



Stands up to extreme operating conditions

Mining Equipment Design and Supply


Advantages over conventional bulldozers

  • High performance over long transport distances (3.3 times the performance at 120m compared to D8 bulldozers)
  • One machine for four operations: loosening-loading-transporting-embedding
  • Can also be used on soft ground
  • Low workspace demand
  • Operation in cold and hot environments such as deserts or polar regions
  • Works up to 1.5m under water
  • Easy handling in operation

The high performance solution for earth-movements

The Scrapedozer is the most suitable machine for earthmoving on transport distances between 50 and 500m. Due to its large capacity and its flexible use, it is strongly superior to conventional bulldozers and at the same time unfolds great economic efficiency.

Working Procedure

1. Loosen

2. Load

3. Transport

4. Embed


1. material embeding

The material is applied in the desired thickness in the forward or reverse direction without significant compaction by the crawler. (See also 4.)

2. dumping

Local or stockpile, to a height of 2 meters in one discharge operation. (See also 4.)

3. slope edge

Material is discharged directly over the edge of the embankment. (See also 4.)

4. shield work

The dozer blade can be used to perform additional work such as path construction, grading and mass shifting over short distances.

Performance Diagram

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