Discover the brilliance of meticulous refurbishment and the art of revamping with MCI – where old mining equipment is reborn with cutting-edge innovation, ensuring you tackle bulk materials handling challenges efficiently.

MCI: Your Trusted Partner in Mining Excellence For over a quarter-century, we've been the industry's preferred choice, delivering top-tier used and expertly refurbished mining machinery, from Bucket Wheel Excavators to Beltwagons and Spreaders, to name a few. Our capability spans simple repairs to intricate turnkey projects.


Standing proud with 47+ revamped machines, we've solidified our reputation as a global leader in refurbishment. By offering the prowess of new machinery at nearly half the cost and time, the surge in demand for our unparalleled services is unmistakable.

Example bucket wheel excavator before / after



1. Preliminary Inspection & Blueprinting:

Every transformation begins with a comprehensive inspection, understanding the machine's nuances, and crafting a bespoke overhaul, transport, and commissioning plan.


2. Dismantling & Rejuvenation:

Every component is delicately dismantled, thoroughly cleaned, and refurbished. Outdated parts are replaced, and steel elements receive a fresh coat of paint, infusing new life into each machine.

3. Mechanical Mastery:

Our seasoned team embarks on revitalizing mechanical, hydraulic, and lubrication components. We ensure every piece is sourced from Europe, synonymous with quality, elevating the machine to contemporary standards.


4. Revamps and Upgrades

Catering to diverse mining challenges, we design and implement capacity augmentations and other specific modifications, tailoring solutions to client-specific needs.


5. Delivery and transport

Post refurbishment, machines are ready for global dispatch, whether by land, sea, or air, adhering to terms like EXW, CIF, DDU, or DAP.


6. Electrifying Enhancements:

Our electrical refurbishments are exhaustive. From modernizing the E-house to customizing PLC software and automation based on deployment location, we ensure every piece resonates with global standards, predominantly European safety norms.


7. Final Assembly & Commissioning:

OOur experts are on-ground, ensuring seamless assembly, quality assurance, and commissioning. Integral to our offering is a comprehensive training module for machine operators and maintenance teams.

As we champion refurbishment, our prowess extends beyond. We also operate and maintain mining equipment globally, offering holistic solutions for all mining and bulk materials handling needs.

For a glimpse into our offerings, explore our extensive machine inventory available for sale and refurbishment. HERE


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