MCI is the professional supplier, seller and operator of used and fully refurbished heavy mining machinery and equipment like Bucket Wheel Excavators, Beltwagons, Spreaders, Conveyor Systems, Stackers, Shiploaders and unloaders etc. for over 25 years. The portfolio ranges from one-off repairs to complete keyturn projects.


With already more than 20 refurbished and sold machines of this scale, MCI is the leading supplier worldwide. By nearly halving the costs and delivery time with the same performance compared to new machines, the demand for overhauled heavy machinery at our company has risen sharply in recent years.

Example bucket wheel excavator before / after

1. Machinery inspection and concept development

Before we start with the refurbishment it is essential to carry out a detailed machine inspection and to generate an expert opinion. We also create the complete concept for the overhaul, transport, assembly and commissioning.


2. Dismantling, reconditioning and paint coating

In the first step, the machine is dismantled into its individual components and completely cleaned at its current location on site. Parts and components which are aged or no longer state of the art are removed and replaced. The remaining steel components are reconditioned and completely repainted.


3. Mechanical refurbishment of heavy mining equipment

Parallel to the dismantling, our team of highly experienced supervisors starts the overhaul of all mechanical, hydraulic and lubrication components. All main components which are installed in our overhauled machines all originate from Europe. The machine gets a complete modernisation in its technical components and we set it to the latest state of the art.


4. Revamps and upgrades of heavy mining equipment

In addition to the general overhaul of heavy mining equipment, various modifications such as capacity increases or revamping are designed, calculated and carried out according to customer requirements or operational needs.


5. Delivery and transport

After the on-site overhaul, the machines (EXW, CIF, DDU, DAP) are shipped via land, sea or air freight.


6. Electrical, software and safty standarts refurbishment

Electrical can be at the request of the customer. Almost the complete electrical installations from the E-house to the control seat are renewed and adapted to the customer's system. PLC software and automation is either reprogrammed or adapted and customized to the new location of usage. We have already taken over and carried out the complete electrical planning from the single machine up to the entire mining plant, no matter whether extensions of an existing plant or new development of mines. European safety standards are generally used.


7. Assembly, installation and commissioning of heavy mining equipment

Our supervisor team is on site at the customer's location to coordinate the assembly and takes care of the installation, commissioning and quality assurance under detailed documentation (US tests, IO checks, etc...). We include a machine operator and maintenance training in our offers.

In addition to our services as a supplier of used heavy mining equipment, we also operate and maintenance mining lines and equipment ourselves for customers worldwide.

You can find an extract of the machines for sale and refurbishment in our machine exchange stock.