We offer in cooperation any kind of mining equipment, new or used, and are partners in design, manufacturing and delivery. On request, machines such as conveyor belt systems and belt wagons can be designed.


Heavy Equipment Design and Supply

We are designing mining machines like conveyors and lay out plants to meet the most variable requirements. After the planning and design phase, we ensure that quality and production standards are maintained from procurement to production and logistics. We monitor production on site and ensure quality management at manufacturers. Through our many years of experience in site services and operating with various types of material handling equipment worldwide, we know the challenges of practical applications on site. MCI implements its know-how in design to create user-friendly and effective equipment.


  • Basic Design
  • Conveyor Calculation
  • Finite and discrete Element Analyses / Simulation
  • Electrical Engineering and Automation
  • Detail Design
  • Procurement
  • Quality Management
  • Fabrication
  • Logistics


Scrapdozers / Dozers

MCI is supplying the economical solution to conventional bulldozers. Scarpdozers are best for mass-earth movement between 50 and 500m. Comparable to a CAT D8 size, a Scrapdozers brings a performance which is 3,3x higher and is traveling with a speed of 21km/h.

  • High performance over long transport distances
  • One machine for four working steps: loading-transporting- embedding- compacting
  • Can also be used on soft ground
  • Low workspace demands
  • Use in cold and hot environments such as deserts or polar regions
  • Works up to 1.6m under water

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Steep angle conveyor

The new developed steep angle conveyor is a central point of our line of business. With numerous advantages, MCI offers a system that is very popular in the mining industry compared to conventional steep conveyor systems.

Operating and maintenance costs are minimized significantly, thereby increasing conveying times.

  • Extendable
  • Theoretically no elevation limitations
  • Inclination up to 90° possible
  • Reduced Belt Tension enables standard belt rating
  • Standard Drive Units
  • Modular Design
  • Proven Transfer Systems
  • Lowest operating cost per cubic meter
  • Reduced demand for operation personal
  • Very safe operation
  • Technology for high material handling capacities
  • High efficiency
  • Shortest way of material handling
  • Electric drives – low CO2 footprint
  • Reduced Dust and Noise emissions
  • High potential for automation

Overland and Bench Conveyor

MCI plans and designs conveyor belt systems individually and can combine used systems with new systems when planning.

  • Relocatable and shiftable conveyor systems
  • Beltwagon and Mobil Transfer Conveyors
  • Shift able with pipe layer dozers
  • Radial or longitudinal dump