At MCI Mining Construction International, our expertise lies in not just delivering the best in mining equipment and bulk material handling equipment but in crafting unparalleled experiences for our clients.

About MCI Mining Construction International:

From humble beginnings in 1962 in mining, quarrying, and excavation, MCI Mining Construction International has evolved into a global authority. Earlier ventures included earthworks, road and motorway construction, building hydroelectric power plants, and operational services for Austria's premier open-pit coal mining. Our foray also encompassed industrial demolition and comprehensive blasting work.

2002 marked a pivotal moment. With four decades of experience under our belt, we further honed our specialization in open-cast mining, leading to the inception of MCI Mining Construction International GmbH as we know today.

Our core strength? Modernizing heavy open-pit mining and material handling machinery. We rejuvenate equipment, ensuring our clients gain unparalleled benefits in cost and time. As a testament to our dedication, MCI has emerged as the global frontrunner in supplying expertly refurbished heavy mining equipment.

Leveraging our rich history, MCI has cemented its reputation as a trustworthy partner for mining consulting engineering services. Our portfolio extends from feasibility studies to tailor-made solutions ensuring efficient mining operations. Our team's proficiency ensures meticulous supervision, from installation to maintenance of mining machinery and entire plants. Plus, our comprehensive project and quality management services cater to mining operations, quarries, and port facilities.


With hands-on experience, we not only operate machinery but also oversee and enhance production processes. We are passionate about offering expert training to budding machine operators.

Excitingly, MCI is now expanding its horizons. We are integrating the design and fabrication of brand-new mining and bulk material handling equipment. Thanks to our team of seasoned engineers, our design services are second to none, cementing our position as the leading supplier for open-cast mining systems.

Our pledge? To consistently deliver products and services of the highest quality. Trust us to equip you with everything – from spare parts to sophisticated equipment – to maximize your mining operations.

Simply put, we are your one-stop solution: Everything from a single source!

When it's about realizing ambitious projects, MCI is the name you can trust. With expansive experience, we address all client needs with unmatched competence and dependability


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Technical Director



Who We Are:

MCI Mining Construction International is your premier partner for comprehensive mining solutions. At our core, we specialize in the design and construction of new mining systems. While we excel in this, we also offer meticulously overhauled heavy equipment and a suite of services ranging from mining to mechanical engineering. Our global footprint extends to ensuring seamless assembly, commissioning, and maintenance for mining and port operations. Whether you're seeking state-of-the-art conveyor belts, advanced mining systems, or cutting-edge automation for mining and port machines, MCI is your trusted ally.

Our Aspiration:

Our ambition is to stand at the forefront of the mining industry, ensuring MCI's expertise is leveraged in every significant mining operation worldwide. We aim to be the primary touchpoint for our clients, offering a holistic 'All in One Solution'. By integrating innovation with reliability, we envision a future where every major mining producer looks to MCI as their first choice.

Our Drive:

Rooted in our family's legacy, our fervor for earth-moving and mining innovation is unwavering. Generations of dedication have instilled in us a relentless drive for growth and excellence. At MCI, every technical challenge is an opportunity - a chance to engineer an efficient solution that our clients can depend on. Our wealth of experience is not just our strength; we passionately share it, enabling our customers to attain unparalleled competence and flexibility in their operations.

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